a mind in bloom

Paintings June 13, 2010

In addition to designing card and board games, iPhone apps and other software, Rosie is also an artist.


Something that gives me great pleasure is painting.  I was an art studio major in college (with minors in mathematics and computer science), but my love of painting started long before that.  I can remember my mom painting as a child — and selling her work.  I painted along side her and sat with her in her booths at holiday craft fairs.  In that same spirit I opened an etsy shop where I sell tiny paintings that are put together to spell a child’s name.  I first made these name paintings for my own children, then made them as gifts and finally opened my etsy shop to share them with the world.  I am often too busy these days to fit in painting, but whenever I do I find myself saying “I love this!”  In the past I more commonly painted large paintings, often portraits, and while it was satisfying once the work was completed, it took more time than I had available and was a bit tedious to paint them “just right” (especially with portraits).  My name paintings are just the opposite.  They are “quick” to do and are all about color and shape.  I paint what I think looks good, not what I see in a photograph.  I love playing around with typography as art and find joy in creating art for children.


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Some examples of Rosie’s custom name paintings: