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This Big!

This is a fun fishing-themed bluffing game. The publisher is Gamewright — love them! The quality of the cards they produce is unsurpassed in the industry. The cards are made to last — and be played again and again. This Big! even has metallic embossing — very fun!
Gamewright games are the reason I got into designing/developing/inventing games. My daughter received a Gamewright game (Hiss) for her fifth birthday, and I fell in love with kids games all over again (loved them as a kid!).
More recently, Gamewright has been coming out with boardgames and games with “big” plastic parts, etc., but what I originally liked about the games they were publishing was that they were almost all card games. I was impressed by the value of their games — you pay for a card game, but get a “full” game for the whole family. The first games I invented were all card games. This Big! was one of those. I was very happy to publish with the company that inspired me to start creating games!


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