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Portfolio » Fancy Nancy Posh Bedroom Game

Fancy Nancy Posh Bedroom Game

This was the first game I created for a specific license. I had signed a licensing contract for Clothespins! with Briarpatch earlier in the year, and they followed it up by coming to me with the request to develop a game for the Fancy Nancy license.
I found that I really enjoyed the challenge of creating a game for a license. It gave my creative process some added focus and intention. In my “day job” as a software designer, I never design anything without first gathering requirements, so the process of designing a game for a license felt very familiar and comfortable — I had just been handed a set of requirements. It almost made my job easier!
Fancy Nancy Posh Bedroom Game is my best seller to date. It found its way onto the shelves of Target and other big stores which was great for sales.


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