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Of the games that I have published, this has got to be my favorite. It was also my first to get licensed. The publisher is Briarpatch. I like how Briarpatch uses sturdy game components, and these illustrations turned out very fun. The reason, however, that this is my favorite of my published games is that it is the “most played” at my house. Even though the theme is somewhat “girly,” my son, Cole, loves this one. We do play with Roberson House Rules, however. The rules published with the game are “okay” but there are a few tweaks we make when playing at home.
If you have this game and would like to use the “Roberson House Rules,” follow the rules included in the game box, with these three exceptions:
1. A bird card is not only able to move a laundry card from one clothesline to another, but also to move a laundry card from your clothesline to the discard pile. This can open up your line for other cards in your hand.
For example: your line has a striped pants card and a matching striped overalls card. You draw two more pants cards. The rules say you can use the bird to move the overalls to another of your lines (so you can play the pants), but the overalls don’t match your other lines. In the “Roberson House Rules” you can use the bird to remove the overalls (discard them) so that you can play the two pants.
2. If you play all four cards in your hand, you get to draw four more cards and GO AGAIN!
3. Do not deduct points in your hand at the end of the game.


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