a mind in bloom

About April 29, 2011

Rosie is always blooming with ideas

and she wouldn’t have it any other way.  Coming in close second to her love of her husband and kids is her passion for designing and developing games.  Her family doesn’t mind the “competition” as they all are part of the fun.  Her son, Cole, is her most loyal playtester and her daughter, Maisie, has an eye for editing rules.  Her youngest, Henry, is still a bit young to make a big impact, but is always up for being on her “team” when it is time to play.  Her husband, Josh, is her best critic in that he can quickly see flaws and always has suggestions to fix them!  Josh is Rosie’s right hand man and an inventor in his own right.  The collaboration between Josh and Rosie produces amazing results.


In addition to designing games, Rosie designs software for the healthcare industry.  Her experience with requirements gathering, analysis, software design, and testing influences her process for designing and developing games.  She feels the software development lifecycle is much like the game development lifecycle, and her ability to predict how a game will play out or what card counts to use, for example, have been honed by the daily routine of critical thinking, mapping out processing flows and programming.


Rosie is also an artist.  She was an art major in college (minors in mathematics and computer science) and has an etsy shop where she sells custom name paintings.  This artistic side gives her games the great look and feel which is key to engaging playtesters and prospective game companies.


In addition to inventing games (eleven published), designing software, painting, and being a mom, Rosie also created and published an iPhone app, but she is by no means done.  Rosie thrives on a challenge and is ready for more projects.  Her most valuable asset is not any game that she has already created, but her ability to create more.


Three things you can always look to Rosie for are:

1. Idea Generation

2. Creative Solutions

3. Game Play Innovation


If you think you could use a mind in bloom for your next project — a game perhaps? (yes, please!) — Rosie urges you to contact her.  She is confident she will deliver on time and on target.